Le Fort Sour Oaked 75cl

LeFort Sour Oaked is een blend van LeFort (bier van hoge gisting) en lambiek (bier van spontane gisting dat 18 maanden rijpt op eikenhouten vaten). Het bier heeft een fruitig karamel karakter met een licht zure droge toets. Alc.9% vol.

€ 8,00
5 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Oak Leaf 2019 - 75cl

6% ABV. Added oak leafs, hand picked in the summer. Aromas: greenery, woods, organic. Flavour: strong presence of sourness and wine-like character of the basic beer. Complex blend of woody and green aroma's. Very dry mouth feel rounds up the whole sensation.

€ 14,67
3 items

Viven Barley Wine 33cl

Gerstewijn gebrouwen door Brouwerij Van Viven in Sijsele. Alc. 11,0% vol.

€ 2,15
2 items

Contreras - Ode aan de Brouwer 33cl

Brouwerij Contreras maakte deze quadrupel van alc. 6,5% vol. ter nagedachtenis van Willy Contreras, vader van de huidige generatie aan de roerstok bij de brouwerij.

€ 2,20
3 items

Green Killer IPA - Brasserie de Silly 33cl

De Green Killer IPA (India Pale Ale) is een goed gehopt, vrij bitter bier. De krachtige aroma’s verraden toetsen van citrus en specerijen. In de vrij droge afdronk proef je mooi de mout.

€ 2,20
4 items

Tilquin Pack Oude Sureau 75 cl + Oude Mûre 75cl

1 x Tilquin Oude Sureau (vlierbes/elderberry) 75 cl & 1 x Tilquin Oude Mûre 75cl

€ 32,00
26 items

3 Fonteinen Oude Kriekenlambik - 75 cl

€ 13,80
19 items

3 Fonteinen Frambozenlambik Oogst 2019 nr 33 - 37,5 cl

€ 18,50
17 items

Geuzemandje Tilquin (voor 75cl fles) - Lambic basket - Porte-bouteille

€ 24,00
10 items

Lambiek Fabriek Colon-Elle Single & Wild 75cl

The Single & Wild Colon-Elle is a lambic blend with refermentation in the bottle. About 90% of the blend has matured for 18 months in bourbon whiskey barrels from brewery Het Anker in Mechelen. The result is a golden beer with an ABV of no less than 11% vol. with fine whiskey notes.

€ 12,28
10 items

Tilquin Oude Sureau 37,5cl (max. 2 bottles per customer)

Lambic with elderberry added. 125 gr per liter.

€ 9,00
24 items

Lambiek Fabriek Bord-Elle Oude Geuze 75cl

A classic blend with an ABV of 10.5% thanks to the larger grain deposit during the brewing. An Oude Geuze for those who want it a little stronger!

€ 9,70
16 items

Lambiek Fabriek Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek Schar-Elle 75cl

An Oude Kriek, produced in the classic way with Schaerbeek cherries. This fruit beer has an ABV of 6.2%.

€ 11,00
48 items

Boon Oude Geuze Black Label Edition N°6 - 75 cl

Oude Geuze Boon Black Label Edition N° 6 heeft de typische lange, droge afdronk, maar toch zeer volmondige smaak die we van Boon Black Label gewoon zijn.

€ 6,67
60 items

OWA Azuki Lambic 37,5 cl

Lambic to which azuki beans were added.

€ 10,22
14 items

De Cort Blond Belgian Beer Brandy 42% 70cl

Just like whisky, this beer brandy or brandy starts from beer. This delicious Belgian Blond Beer Brandy from the Pajottenland is the result of a search for top Belgian blond beers that are then distilled in copper Holstein stills to a soft rich spirit and then matured in bourbon barrels.

€ 39,95
16 items

Wild Adam Lambiek Cider - 75cl

Wild Adam is the result of a collaboration between top sommelier Andy De Brouwer and distiller Manu De Cort. It is a hybrid drink, created by blending old lambic with fermented cider. The blend refermented again in an oak barrel and was then bottled.

€ 12,95
43 items

Alvinne Phi 33cl

Phi is a refreshingly sour ale with an excellent sweet-sour balance, thanks to 40% wheat in the malt pour and the Morpheus yeast.

€ 3,45
1 items

Alvinne Melchior 33cl

Amber Winter Ale 11% ABV. Brewed with the original vintage recipe.

€ 2,09
8 items

Alvinne Balthazar 33cl

Dark Winter Ale ABV 9%. Brewed with the original vintage recipe from Alvinne.

€ 2,00
9 items

Alvinne Smaug Fellowship 75cl

Smaug - Cuvée de Mortagne - 12.8 vol % alc - 12 maand gerijpt op Pedro Ximenez Sherry vat - dadels - zelf gerookte dadelsiroop

€ 28,06
1 items

Alvinne Palantir Fellowship 75cl

Palantir - 100 % spontane gisting - blend Fellowship event  steen bier & La Calavera - 15 maand gerijpt op Bordeaux vat

€ 28,06
8 items

Alvinne Miruvor Fellowship 75cl

Miruvor - La Calavera Collab - 15 maand gerijpt op Witte Port vat - mede

€ 28,06
6 items

Alvinne Laurelin Fellowship 75cl

Laurelin 2019 - Cuvée Elenna - 7 vol % alc - 7 maand gerijpt op Marsala vat - Schaarbeekse Krieken

€ 28,06
3 items

Alvinne Goldberry Fellowship 75cl

Goldberry - Cuvée Elenna - 7vol % alc - 10 maand gerijpt op Vermouth vat - duindoornbes

€ 28,06
8 items

Alvinne Barrelrider Fellowship 75cl

The Barrelrider - Cuvée de Mortagne - 12.8 vol % - 15 maand gerijpt op Sauternes vat

€ 28,06
2 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin 33cl

This traditional sour ale is a blend of old and young beer, aged in different oak barrels. Each barrel gives a different taste, but through the proces of blending, a similar style is obtained.

€ 3,23
59 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Provision 33cl

9% ABV. Oud Bruin, one year matured on stainless steel tanks with the house yeast of 't Verzet.

€ 3,29
11 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Super Boil 33cl

The standard Oud Bruin, which was boiled for 16 hours instead of the usual 90 minutes. This beer of 9% ABV is a more full version of the famous Oud Bruin and gives it more of a caramel touch.

€ 3,48
3 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Foederbier DeeDee 33cl

Single cask foederbier, the mother of an Oud Bruin. The beer is not blended with other barrels or with young beer.

€ 3,40
6 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Honor Our Herous Nat & Straf 33cl

Strong Oud Bruin with an ABV of 9%. Matured in barrels of De Dolle Brouwers.

€ 3,65
9 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Strawberry 33cl

6% ABV. Oud Bruin with strawberries. Aromas: sweet aroma of fresh strawberries. Flavour: Refreshingly sour with fruity notes.

€ 4,71
3 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Oak Leaf 33cl

6% ABV. Added oak leafs, hand picked in the summer. Aromas: greenery, woods, organic. Flavour: strong presence of sourness and wine-like character of the basic beer. Complex blend of woody and green aroma's. Very dry mouth feel rounds up the whole sensation.

€ 4,60
14 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Raspberry 33cl

6% ABV. Oud Bruin with raspberries. Aromas: Fruity, raspberries and other red fruits with a woody touch. Flavour: Fruity with a firm sour aftertaste.

€ 4,56
1 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Cherry 33cl

6% ABV. Oud Bruin with sour cherries added. Aromas: full scent of red, ripe cherry with a hint of almond. Flavour: Soft sour start and associations with red wine. Later, a hint of cherry and a little sweetness follows, quickly coming to a soft sour, astringent finish.

€ 4,05
13 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Blueberry 33cl

6% ABV. Oud Bruin with blueberries added. 

€ 4,71
15 items

't Verzet Oud Bruin Vineyard 33cl

6% vol. Oud Bruin with grapes. Aromas: Fresh, clean, yellow plum, fruity, white wine. Flavour: Soft sour kick-off in harmony with the taste of green apple and gooseberry. Hint of white currant and yellow plum. The aftertaste is slightly sour and strongly dry. 

€ 4,60
8 items

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