De Cort Blond Belgian Beer Brandy 42% 70cl

Just like whisky, this beer brandy or brandy starts from beer. This delicious Belgian Blond Beer Brandy from the Pajottenland is the result of a search for top Belgian blond beers that are then distilled in copper Holstein stills to a soft rich spirit and then matured in bourbon barrels.

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Armand'Spirit 2009 - 500ml


eau de vie distilled from 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze in 2009. Limited edition. Numbered bottles.

€ 59,50
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Lindemans Premium Gin Clear - 70 cl

The clear Lindemans Premium Gin is the result of an infusion of 15 well-chosen botanicals and a distillate of the delightful Old Lindemans Kriek Cuvée René. The latter is brewed with whole cherries, according to Belgian lambic tradition.

€ 43,68
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Lindemans Premium Gin Red - 70 cl

The red gin is distilled with the same process as the clear gin. Its bright red colour is due to the pure sour cherry juice added to the Old Kriek Cuvée René Lindemans. This gin is double distilled in a copper kettle and hand bottled.

€ 43,68
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