MeuZenne Batch 2 VEP 2018 - 75cl

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This refined sparkling drink, created by top sommelier Andy De Brouwer, is a VEP ('vieillissement exceptionnellement prolongé', exceptionally prolonged aging), which has been allowed to mature for two years using the 'sur lie' method (on yeast).

MeuZenne is a blend of Oude Lambiek from the Den Herberg Brewery and a Belgian 'vin clair' from the wine cooperative Vin de Liège. The lambic and white wine ferment into a fine sparkling wine with an alcohol content of 12% and a dosage of 6 grams. The colour resembles an old champagne, between light gold and light amber. The aromas go in the direction of the lambic on first contact, but the vinous predominates in the middle palette. The acids of the lambic were nicely absorbed by the matter of the wine. The whole stands out for its originality, freshness and digestibility.

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