Personal Warehouse Service

We are offering a Personal Warehouse Service (PWS) for private customers who would like to merge several small orders in order to save on shipping costs, or who want to come and pick up their order(s) in the future.

As soon as your orders have reached the 30 kg weight limit or the 24 bottle limit per box,
– you ask us to ship the bottles to you and Het Huis van de Geuze will contact you regarding the payment of the shipping fee,
– or you come and pick up your order yourself when visiting Belgium.

The PWS subscription fee amounts to only 5 EUR per month (payable per 3 months).
Click on the PayPal button beneath.


The PWS fee covers the storage and administration. The shipping fee remains to be paid separately to Het Huis van de Geuze. In case you pick up your order yourself, there is ofcourse no shipping fee.

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