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A vast array of Lambic beers,
combined with the convenience of ordering at home.

A few H.ertie Packs still available!

Discover the beers of the Pajottenland and the Senne Valley

The region between Senne and Dender is famous for its rolling landscape, Brabant draft horses, the Brueghel paintings, Oude Geuze, Kriek and many other lambic beers. It is the only region in the world where there are so many breweries that produce beers based on spontaneous fermentation. Beer lovers from home and abroad like to come to this region to find out more about these beers. In addition to the lambic breweries and gueuze blenderies, there have also been quite a few high-quality microbreweries in the West of Flemish Brabant.

A large selection of craft beers

The beer catalogue of The House of Gueuze offers a wide selection of traditional lambic and craft beers from the Pajottenland and the Senne Valley. Many of these beers are not that easy to find in regular beer stores. In addition to the products of classic gueuze producers such as Boon, De Troch, 3 Fonteinen, Lindemans, Oud Beersel, and Timmermans, we also offer beers from small beer blenders and breweries such as De Cam, Girardin, Hanssens, Tilquin, Lambiek Fabriek, Den Herberg and OWA Brewing. From now on even gueuze pâté and gueuze cheese are included in our range.

Most people don’t have the time to visit all the breweries in our region. Therefore, we offer a comfortable solution through this webshop. You can either pick up your ordered goods in Eizeringen or have them sent to an address in the European Union.

Pajot wine & spirits

For many bon vivants, the line between beer and other drinks does not have to be so absolute. That is why we also have Pajotse wines, spirits and even hybrid blends such as vin lambiké and cider lambic in our range. In this way, Het Huis van de Geuze wants to be a showcase for regional products from the Pajottenland and the Zenne valley, without denying its origins. All products on this website have the following characteristics in common: craftsmanship, quality-driven and made with passion.

Shipping beer bottles requires special attention. That is why we ensure that the bottles are sent in sturdy, double-walled cardboard boxes, which meet the quality requirements of the large courier companies. We have signed an agreement with a delivery service, meaning that the cost for shipments up to 30kgs to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Hungary…), is relatively low.

Low ‘Pajottenland’ prices

Beware when visiting other online beer shops. Don’t be fooled by their cheaper shipping costs, because often the same beers are 15, even up to 30% more expensive. It is important for you to know that we keep our prices as low as possible, fully in line with those of normal beer stores in the Pajottenland and the Senne valley. Feel free to compare our prices with those of other online shops. You will soon notice the difference.

Correcte, lage prijzen

Laat u echter niet misleiden door goedkopere verzendkosten bij andere online drankenwinkels. Veelal zijn dezelfde producten op andere websites vaak 15 en soms zelfs meer dan 30% duurder. Als consument is het belangrijk om te weten is dat wij onze prijzen zo laag mogelijk houden, volledig in lijn met die van gewone bierwinkels in het Pajottenland en de Zennevallei. Vergelijk dus gerust onze prijzen met die van andere online shops. Je merkt al gauw het verschil.


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