Lazenne Bottle Check-in Plane Luggage + Styrofoam for 12 Bottles – Airline & TSA Compliant


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Airline & TSA Compliant. The Bottle Check-in Plane Luggage is a safe, convenient, and legal way to fly with 12 bottles of beer, wine, champagne, cider, hard liquor, or even olive oil! This specialised, airline-approved luggage can be checked-in onto a plane. Its lightweight design allows you to stay under the 23 kg (50 lb.) which is the usual Economy Class airline luggage weight limit. Your beers are protected by a patent-pending design that works in combination with a high-density styrofoam bottle protector which sits inside the padded, lightweight carrying case. The attached wheels and strap make it easy to roll! The Lazenne Bottle Check-in Plane Luggage is foldable and reusable (when the styrofoam bottle protector is removed). Easy to store it and use whenever you want to take beers with you. When folded, it can be placed inside another piece of luggage. It fits nearly all the widely available, replaceable 12-bottle styrofoam bottle shippers that can be purchased at your travel destination. Delivered with a custom-made embroidered badge from HET HUIS VAN DE GEUZE and IN DE VERZEKERING TEGEN DE GROTE DORST. This badges can be easily ironed on the Check-in Plane Luggage. Lazenne guarantees ZERO BREAKAGE of your bottles when using the Bottle Check luggage.

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