De Cort Vodka Potato 42% 70cl


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100% distilled from local Bintjes potatoes. A real Belgian spirit, very pure, no off-flavors, the purity of the raw material, the softness of the extremely slow distillation… and the passion. It’s all in this bottle. The process starts with the fermentation of locally grown bintjes potatoes, the potato that Belgians are most devoted to because it provides their world-renowned fries. After boiling, cooling and refermentation to a kind of ‘potato beer’, it is first distilled in a large Holstein kettle to achieve a spirit of approximately 60% ABV, followed by a second distillation in a small still with a high column to 94-96 ABV. After adding water and letting it rest for six months, it becomes a spirit that is soft and rich. The purest form of a distillate.

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