Timmermans Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek Griotteke 75cl


The Schaerbeek cherries macerated for about six months in young lambic at a ratio of 240 grams of fruit per litre of lambic. Next, the kriek lambic was mixed with lambic aged in pinot noir and burgundy wine casks. The kriek lambic was bottled and the refermentation in the bottle began. Griotteke is characterised by its delicious aroma and the fresh sourness of the fresh cherries. The vinous touch provides a beautiful signature of this authentic Oude Schaerbeekse Kriek.

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Timmermans brewery launched an Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek, called Griotteke. The oldest lambic brewery in the world, which is celebrating its 320th anniversary in 2022, is thus reviving the tradition of using Schaerbeek cherries. These rather rare, sour cherries are harvested by hand. The matte black bottle features a label signed by the young artist from Schaerbeek, Lauranne van Naemen. 1 euro per bottle sold goes to a non-profit organization based in Schaerbeek that works on the sustainable management of ecosystems. By planting kriek and other fruit trees on playgrounds and at schools and residential care centres, this organisation wants to make Brussels and the surrounding area more green.

Griotteke is a Limited Edition. Only 6000 bottles were made.

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