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Lambic brewing differs from brewing other beers through the use of wild yeasts. Although the ingredients of lambic (water, malted barley, wheat and aged hops) are the same as those of most other beers, lambic brewing is not a matter of copying a recipe. The environment is playing an essential role. Lambic brewers, unlike other brewers, do not add yeast to their brew. They spontaneously 'inoculate' the wort during a cold winter night by microorganisms in the air of the Senne Valley and the Pajottenland.

One cannot control spontaneous inoculation. A number of factors simply have to be in place. Temperature is the most important. After all, the temperature influences the ratio in which the many dozens of yeast and bacterial species dive into the cooling wort. Cold nights, between zero and ten degrees Celsius, are necessary. Therefore lambic can only be brewed during the winter season. If it is too hot, a.o. lactic acid bacteria are too active or unwanted bacteria dive into the coolship, as a result of which the good yeasts can no longer do their job properly. The result is either an almost undrinkable liquid or something you can call beer, but the taste of which differs greatly from lambic. Spontaneous fermentation - the name says it all - starts on its own. Thus the process is uncontrollable. Nature rules. The outcome cannot be predicted and that also gives very good results per cuvée.

Geuze is not brewed but is blended. This refers to the mixing of young (three months) and old (one to three years) lambic. The young and old lambic often come from different breweries, and as a result the gueuze blender can give his own accent to the gueuze he has made. After the beer has been blended, it will ferment in the bottle for another one to two years thanks to the sugars in the young lambic. The end result is a gueuze that can easily be kept for 20 years and longer.

Kriek and other fruit beers are also made on the basis of lambic.

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